27 Dec 2016

Ideas for interior decoration

Do you want to make your interior really special? Do you want to change the design, but you don't have enough money? You can decorate the house with your own hands using elegant trinkets or functional crafts created from different materials. Decorating room with your own hands is fun for the whole family. Once you've mastered the simple tricks, you can, using your imagination, make exclusive items that will beautify your home.

Create lightning
Add some lights on the slings. They are ideal not only for Christmas and New Year. Use string lights to create really beautiful view on the wall behind the bed. They will also serve as a night lamp. Now you don't need any other lamp. Plus, it will save you lots of money thanks to the LED-lights used in this lamp.

Decorate open shelves
Use colorful ribbon to trim the edges of open shelves. They will look much prettier, and it's an inexpensive project. In addition, all you need to do is to replace the ribbons, so it’s really simple. And when you will be ready for new changes, you can take other ribbons, and you will get completely new shelves again.

Hanging shelves

Add something unusual to the interior. For example, make hanging shelves, using a thick rope, clips, paint and two rectangular pieces of plywood. Take a piece of wood and two sheets of plywood. Drill four holes. Cut the ropes of the necessary size, bond shelves, and hang them. You can put any kind of stuff on these shelves, even the books, just make sure that you took a strong rope and plywood.

Handmade headboard

For this, you need the old wooden pallets. Turn them and nail to the bed. If you want to keep a worn look, just leave everything as it is. If you think that the headboard does not fit the design, use paint. Then leave it to dry for few days or better a week, and here you go!

Lamps from the baskets
Use antique chicken baskets in the interior. For example, you can make lamps out of them and hang them above your dining table. Your usual breakfast will turn into some kind of magical act. They are able to focus on any area of the apartment, as well as fill the atmosphere with incredible charm and expressiveness.

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