16 Oct 2016

My father knows who I am and he is not bothered: Bobrisky

Nigerian Barbie and Internet sensation, Idris Olanrewaju Ogunneye a.k.a Bobrisky, from Ijebu-Igbo, Ogun State, talks about his life, business and the controversies surrounding him with Punch Newspapers.

On his upbringing: I come from an average family. My dad is alive and he’s doing fine. I was born in Ebute-Metta , Lagos and  I was raised in Lagos. My mum died in 2008. My dad is a retired transporter and he has drivers that work for him because he is aged. He  is a polygamist and  is married to three women. I am the youngest child in my  family.

On getting funds to start a business as an undergraduate: When I was at the university,  I worked part- time. Because I love to dance, I used to teach choreography and I also attended dance events. So I made money from dancing while I was in school. Also , because I have a great sense of fashion, my friends at the university  admired my outfits and usually requested that I get same for them. I would double the cost and resell to them.  As time went on, I was able to raise the capital to start my business.

While I was in school, I wore  little make-up. If you did not come close to me, you would rarely know I applied make-up on my face.

However, my dressing was of the highest quality. I won the award for the Best Dressed Male in my faculty and  the Best Dressed Male in the University of Lagos. I first got  popular on campus.

On why he likes make-up: I developed interest in make-up because I love fashion. I have a love for feminine fashion. I felt there was a need for me to look feminine to attract more clients and  create awareness for my brand. That is why I wear make-up and false nails. In order to comply with the demands of my customers, I opened  another shop where I sell make-up.

On people believing that he's more feminine than masculine: That is their opinion. I know the reason why I’m Bobrisky. I already told you the reason why I do all that I do now and why I do them. I let people say whatever they feel like saying about me. I’m myself and different opinions are welcome.

On his parents: When my mum noticed my feminine side, she used to  beat me. At some point ,  she hired  some hoodlums to manhandle me  because she felt I was bringing shame to the family. Later, she let me be because she noticed the beating  did not yield any result.

My father knows who I am and he is not bothered. One day he said to me, “You’re getting older and you’re over 18, it is up to you to decide if this is  the right or wrong  path to life.”

On if he feels like a girl: I actually don’t feel like a girl inside of me, but I have a girly way of thinking and I’m very caring. My mum got to love me so much before she died because I’m hard-working. I cooked for her when she was alive, I cleaned  her shoes and  picked her outfits. Before she died, she stopped bothering about Bobrisky.

On why he chooses to alter his complexion: A few years ago, I travelled to Dubai to shop. I got a particular cream from Dubai to tone my complexion  to caramel or fine chocolate. After using the cream, some areas on my body looked lighter than the rest,  so I decided to brighten up my entire skin. I noticed the lightening cream worked for me, so I started to sell to people. The cream is quite expensive but it gives you an even tone.

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