18 Oct 2016

I have a girlfriend that I’m in a serious relationship with: Nigerian Barbie, Bobrisky

Popularly referred to as Nigerian Barbie, Internet sensation, Idris Olanrewaju Ogunneye a.k.a Bobrisky, talks about his life, business and the controversies surrounding him with Punch Newspaper.

On if he's gay: Because I wear make-up does not mean I am gay. In fact, there is no law that can prevent me from wearing make-up. Interestingly, I apply the make-up myself and I do it well and better than most women.

On if he has ever been in a gay relationship: None that I know of. I have a girlfriend that I’m in a serious relationship with. I keep her  away from the media for personal reasons.

I have yet to meet with her parents but I have met with two of her older sisters. I have explained every area of my personality to them because they wanted to be clear on certain areas. I have a plan and I don’t need  any kind of negativity to distract me.

On how rich he is: I am rich but not as rich as people think. Presently I am building a house at Ikate, Lagos.

On being threatened by those who find his lifestyle offensive: Why are they offended? Nobody should feel sorry for me because I am living my life and not theirs. Every now and then, people threaten to harm me. Some even come on social media to threaten me. Let’s move on to the next question. It is not an issue.

Bobrisky in the next five years: Bobrisky is going to be as rich as  Dangote. I want to expand my business. I would love to have my own manufacturing company. Also, I would love to have a good wife and  good children.

On becoming an Internet sensation overnight: I posted videos of me dancing on Snapchat. A lot of people saw the videos  and then people began to follow me on Snapchat so they can watch my videos.

On homosexuals approaching him: The same way I have females who admire me is the same way guys admire me. I just laugh it off and become friends with all of them. I’m humble and calm. I don’t want to offend anyone so they do not gang-up against me. I let them know that I am not  gay but I keep my friendship with them.

On what people think and say about him: I realised you can only live once and if this is the way I have chosen to live my life, so be it. I have watched  my close friends  die and I have witnessed their interment. I was there when my mother was  buried,  so I don’t take life too seriously. I don’t dictate how other people live so no one should bother about how I choose to live my life. A day is coming when you will die and the troubles will be gone. I’m myself and I take life easy. I don’t worry about a lot of things. I live a simple life and leave the rest to God.

On sex-change operation: No, I won’ because I am who I am. I’m grateful for what God has done with my life. I don’t like the idea of adding some extra body parts or replacing the ones God gave me. I have nothing against homosexuals or transgenders. I am not going to judge them because I don’t like to be judged.

I started wearing make-up and wigs as a 12-year-old. By the time I turned 15, my mum got used to me being feminine. I have always lived a simple life and I have this girly attitude. I don’t like trouble and I’m also reserved.

On qualities he looks out for in a wife: My wife has to be extra beautiful because I am also beautiful. Also she must be fashionable because I love fashion. In fact, there has to be a competition between my wife and me on who is finer! Lastly, she has to be caring and loving.

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