8 Oct 2016

5 Skirts Every Girl Should Own: Jiji.ng

A skirt is such an essential part of women’s apparel that we can hardly imagine a wardrobe of a modern girl without several trendy skirts. Find out which skirts are considered to be must-haves in the fashion world and upgrade your selection of beautiful skirts!

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Maxi skirt
Maxi skirts have always been admired by girls, but in the recent years, floor-length skirts have been going through a second wave of popularity. A maxi skirt is the perfect foundation for creating a breezy summer look - accessorize your long skirt with a colorful top and wedge shoes, add a pair of large earrings and your favorite sunglasses, and a perfect summer outfit is completed. Maxi skirts can also be adapted to a more restricted look with the help of a smart blazer.

A-line skirt
This type of skirts is one of the most versatile ones on our list, as, depending on the fabric and design, an A-line skirt can be the star of both corporate and casual looks. A-line skirts are also very flattering to any body type: they can add curves to a slimmer body and correct the proportions of plus-size figures by emphasizing the waist. Most A-line skirts go below the knee, which means they are perfect for creating a retro outfit.

Circular skirt
A circular skirt got its name from the way it is produced: when laid down flat, this type of skirt forms a perfect circle. Circular skirts do wonders for every body type and can be worn in casual looks. However, if you really want to make an impression with your circular skirt, create an evening look featuring the skirt as the star of the outfit and add a sequined top or a dressy shirt. Finish the look off with a pair of stunning pumps and an adorable clutch.

Pencil skirt
If you’re working in an office or often attend formal events, there is no way your wardrobe can exist without several pencil skirts. These skirts are considered to be classic for a couple of reasons: they look good on anyone, they highlight your curves without being too revealing, they are the perfect foundation for a business look, and they can be worn in dozens of different ways. The only downside of a pencil skirt is that due to its leg-hugging fit it may be difficult to walk long distances in your skirt.

Mini skirt
Mini skirts sparked a revolution in the 1960s and are still very popular among fashionistas all over the world. Mini skirts come in a wide range of models: you can find tight-fitting denim skirts and full floral skirts, tiny sequined skirts and fun skater skirts. Mini skirts can be worn anywhere, except for office environment, which is why it’s best to have several different types of mini skirts in your wardrobe, so that you could have a perfect skirt for every look.

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