21 Sep 2016

Pregnant Woman Who was Repeatedly Punched in the Head and Robbed While in Labour Narrates Her Ordeal

A heavily pregnant woman who was brutally beaten and robbed by a young man on a bike in broad daylight when she was on her way to hospital to give birth has narrated her painful ordeal.

On the 26th of June, Patience Chukwu was rushing to Homerton Hospital in Hackney, London, at around 9 am, when she stopped to lean against a wall on Leadale Road for support.

She brought out her mobile phone to call her sister – her birthing partner – when she was suddenly confronted by a man on a bike who tried to grab the phone.

Mirror reports that the man snatched her phone, but in the struggle that followed, she was dragged to the floor and repeatedly, he punched her in the head. Patience grabbed the thief’s jumper in an attempt to stop him, but she ended up being dragged along the street behind his bike.

She begged the thief to stop, clearly telling him she was pregnant, but instead of leaving her alone he raised his right arm and took aim at her stomach.

Trying to protect her unborn child, she bent forward, receiving the punch hard on her head. The man then punched her twice more in the face.

The shock of the ordeal caused her baby to become distressed. She was rushed to intensive care following an emergency Caesarian which took place when midwives were unable to detect the baby’s heartbeat.

The birth of her baby boy Ozil, whose name means “a child who is born with divine strength” had to be induced, and he was kept in a critical care unit for a week before being allowed home. At eight weeks old, he still suffers from seizures as a result of the attack.

At two-month-old, the baby boy still suffers from painful seizures “almost daily” as a result of the attack and the terrified mum is now finding it hard to walk down the street or use her phone in public.

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