20 Sep 2016

Only GOD Can Do This: Woman Defies Doctors’ Report as Her Cancer Went From Stage 4 To 1 (PHOTOS)

A cancer stricken woman @iset_theophania pictured above defeated diabetes and also moved from stage four cancer to stage one after doctors told her she has only 30 days left to live.

Read her miracle story below:

”#Diabetes, stage 4 #Cancer, a body riddled with #BloodClots and doctors saying “we give you about 30 days”. Having defeated the diabetes and cancer a few years ago had us both feeling like “No problem we can knock this out again.” Not the case at all.

When cancer returns, it comes back with a point to prove….and that it did. I was frustrated with the 9 big tumors on @iset_theophania lungs and pancreas…and She just wanted to stay alive.

The more she worried, the more frustrated I became even tho progress was still being made. I needed help. The only one I could entrust with this magnitude of help was @nextgenherbalproducts Xave’ Bowman.

Together, those 9 tumors turned into 7. Then 7 turned into 4. While in the hospital to remove her blood clots, the doctors had the opportunity to remove a Tumor which made it 3 to go.

Yesterday one more was removed to bring the numbers down to 2 and so she is back to stage 1 cancer. @iset_theophania has been the closest person to me in the past few years and if anything would’ve happened to her on MY watch I don’t know how much further I would be able to continue with this. She went from 102 lbs to 130 lbs in 2 weeks. #iGiveThanks EVERYDAY.

She is out of the hospital ready to continue processing your orders for her hair care products NOW. #FuckCancer and #LoveVegans”

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