9 Sep 2016

Nigerian Barbie Doll, Bobrisky Says He Looks Gay for His Business

Snapchat celebrity and Nigerian male Barbie, Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju a.k.a Bobrisky, opened up for the first time about his true self while also slamming those claiming he is gay, in a recent interview with Celeb Police.

He said:

“When Nigerians talk about the whole 14 years thing, I just sit down and be like why are some Nigerians so stupid, because the law does not say if u look and appear girly you would go to jail. The law said gay marriage and I have never come out there and say I am getting married to a guy neither have I said I want to marry a guy.”.

The skin whitening expert, who recently got a replica of one of Rihanna’s tattoos, claimed he only dresses like a woman to attract clients for his business.

“The fact that I look and act like a girl does not mean I am gay, I am only doing this to survive, because it is the best I can do. I only think of how to get clients to patronize me.”

He concluded by saying:

“In the next ten years, I want to have a family – my kids, my wife and I. I want to be a crowd puller and that name, Bobrisky to keep flowing for eternity.”

Bobrisky dresses like a lady with professional make-up on, posts photos of his clothes including how much he bought them as well photos from parties and club-hopping. He runs a fashion boutique in Lagos.

He set social media ablaze once when he shared snapshots of N7 million allegedly given to him by his bae.

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