30 Jul 2016

WOW! This Blind Couple Runs a Successful Business (PHOTOS)

Jimoh and Bridget Ogunlayi got married back in 2014. Both of them are blind, but that does not stop them from being successful in business. Many Nigerians complain about the lack of jobs. These people are done complaining and are busy working!

None of them got born that way. She attended the Nsukka University and studied computer science. He went to SPED Oyo and got a degree in social adaptation for people with impaired vision. He lost his sight in 1993 in an accident, and she lost hers during the treatment. That’s the grave side effect of the drug they gave her. It happened in 2008. Since that time they both went a long way.

Now they work with their hands and create amazing things. They use beads and wire and turn them into bags, lamps, jewelry, etc. They can make flower pots or baskets; you just name it. They get orders from Nigerian Farm Craft Center. He wires the lamps blindfold.

They love each other and enjoy their life together. They do not depend on others to provide for them and successful craft with their own hands. If you have your whole body healthy and well-functioning cheer up and get to work. You can do it because this blind couple did it!

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