25 Jul 2016

Now, It's My Children First: Actress Taiwo Aromokun

Nollywood actress, Taiwo Aromokun, has declared that she won’t allow her career as an actress, to hinder the amount of time she spends with her children.

Aromokun, whose twins recently clocked three, told Punch News that any movie project she gets involved in must be the type that allows her to return to her kids.

The actress, who also revealed that her little babies do not have any reason to miss their father, because they interact with him often.

“Acting is a demanding career. I am taking my time and only doing jobs that will give me time for my boys. When we go on locations, we spend days before coming home but for now, that is not what I want for my kids. So, I only take jobs that will make me come home to them,” she said.

Concerning if the children won’t feel the absence of their father, the ‘Arewa Okunrin’ actress commented, “Why should they miss their father? They talk to him every day and they get whatever they want from him”, she added.

Taiwo Aromokun also expressed confidence that the money she has made from previous movie roles will suffice in maintaining her personal acting policy.

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