13 Jun 2016

Nigerian Prostitutes Are Angry, Vow to Chase Out Foreigners

Worried by the influx of commercial sex workers into the country, especially those from West African countries, especially Ghana, Togo, Benin Republic and Burkina Faso, members of the National Association of Nigerian Prostitutes (NANP), led by new President, Tamar Tion, has vowed to sanitize their industry and chase out the foreigners who have taken over a large chunk of their clients, reports Pulse NG.

In a statement signed by Tion and her Secretary General, Sandra Efosa, the Nigerian prostitutes are not happy that while they struggle to make ends meet, the foreigners have also compounded their problem by trooping into the country and taking over their trade.

The statement reads in part:

"In view of the prevalent economic situation in the country, the officials of NANP, have resolved to take up arms against prostitutes from other countries who have invaded Nigeria and have taken over our customers.

These ladies leave their countries, especially those from Ghana, Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso, and come here to struggle for the few customers willing to patronise us, thereby making things rather difficult for us.

We will not accept that. This is what we call invasion. We do not want them here. We have studied Nigerian men and know that many of them prefer going for these foreign prostitutes so that they would boast to their friends that they have also slept with foreign women.

As a first measure, we have embarked on nationwide registration of all our members so that we would be able to weed out those who are not Nigerians and force them to back to their countries."

"Another thing we have noticed is that these intruders charge ridiculously low and our customers prefer paying the low amount to get their services. We would not accept that. Also, remember that a few years ago, Ghanaian prostitutes rose up in arms against Nigerian prostitutes operating in their country and many os us were chased out.

Now is pay back time."

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