16 Jun 2016

Man Investigates Claim Made About the Chinese Supermarket in Abuja Denying Entry to Nigerians

Few days ago, a young man who goes by the name Aminu G. Idris claimed that a Chinese Supermarket in Abuja denied Nigerians entry. On June 15, Mohammad Jamu took it upon himself to investigate the case. Below are his findings along with photos:

"Today I became a journalist!! how I saw the news trending about a certain Chinese Shop at Gwarinpa that refuses Nigerians access posted by Aminu G Idris and copied by Aishat Aishat Alubankudi immediately an investigative spirit took over me, as I approach Gwarinpa I was filled with excitement of seeing a shop in Nigeria that denies Nigerians entry, at the gate I saw a writing that clearly took me aback and instantly quenched my anger, it was an advice to costumers from the shop owners after being attacked by armed robbers a couple of days ago and they were merely taking precautions so they advise only an individual at a time not group of persons out of fear and tremor of what they experienced in the past, poor them being foreigners in another mans land.

Chinese Supermarket In Abuja Denies Entry to Nigerians - Man Claims

They were friendly on entering the shop and to my surprise other Nigerians were trickling to see for themselves too. My advise to those celebrating the story please verify contents before posting to the social media your action alone can destroy someone's Business in Islam we call it (Shaidar Zuhr ) Bearing false witness and Allah has prescribed severe punishment for those who thrive in it."

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