27 Jun 2016

India Girl who Ranked First in an Exam Sent to Jail for Cheating after She failed a Retest (PHOTOS)

Ruby Rai, 17, ranked first in the Bihar State exams - but said in a video interview that her main subject, political science, was about cooking. She also pronounced 'Political Science' as 'Prodigal Science.' After the video went viral, she was made to re-sit her exams, and was arrested after she failed and had her original results cancelled.

She was produced in court, yesterday, where a magistrate sent her to jail until 8 July. Examiners who retested Ms Rai told reporters they were "shocked" by her performance. When asked to write an essay about the Indian poet Tulsidas, she only wrote "Tulsidas ji pranam (Salutations to Tulsidas)".

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