11 Jun 2016

I can't wear bikini because I have stretch marks on my tummy: Actress Kemi Afolabi Gets Candid

In a recent interview with The Punch, beautiful Nollywood actress and mother, Kemi Afolabi speaks on motherhood, skin beaching and what she won't be caught wearing.

On motherhood changing her style: When I started acting and people began to identify with me, I knew I was a role model, so I had to watch what I put on. Except I’m acting a movie and my role involves me showing cleavage or thighs, I don’t do it. Ever since I became a mother, I have been very conscious of the things that I wear. I am always fully covered. Marriage has really affected me in that way. I always try to be properly covered because I am a mother and a wife. Luckily, the native attire which I wear often does not leave room for you to expose your body.

On if she can wear a bikini or bum shorts: I can only wear a mini skirt and bum shorts on set. To be honest, I cannot wear bikini because I have stretch marks on my tummy because I have had babies. Even without the stretch marks, I cannot be caught wearing a bikini because it is as if I am wearing pant and bra. It is awkward, so I can never be seen wearing that.

On skin bleaching: I have never been a dark person. If you see people bleaching, you will know; you can never see dark patches on my knuckles. My mother and my younger sister are fair in complexion but I am not as fair as they are. Over time with the kind of job we do, we are always under the light and my dermatologist has told me that I need to tone my skin. Before now, I used to have a lot of pimples on my face and the moment you begin to administer some things on it like creams, cleansers, then you start getting lighter. I am not bleaching but I have been made to understand that to keep the skin healthy, I need to tone my skin to make it have a particular kind of look. I have never bleached and I will never bleach. I am not bleaching.

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