4 May 2016

MAMA YOBE: Mother Starts a Secret Relationship with Daughter's Violent Boyfriend!

A mother had a secret affair with her daughter's violent boyfriend despite hearing that he had subjected her to brutal domestic abuse, Daily Mail reports.

Chelsea Hopper, 22, from Scunthorpe, was devastated when she found sordid messages from her mother Jacqueline to partner Kevin Scott saying that he was 'good in bed'.

It later emerged the pair had been embarking on a relationship despite Chelsea being left with 'almost constant black eyes' at the hands of Kevin.Chelsea called the affair the 'ultimate betrayal' and said she wants 'nothing to do' with either of the pair ever again. Chelsea added: '

I got text messages saying Kevin had been cheating on me.I also found messages on his phone from other women, but he would completely deny it.'

He would call me names and say I was worthless. Whenever I cried he would shout 'Stop it or I'll give you something to cry about'!'Chelsea eventually moved back home, as she couldn't stand any more of the constant attacks.

She recalled: 'Dad was really angry but Mum always seemed to defend Kevin and say: 'I bet he didn't mean to do it, he loves you'.'She said she would go round and talk to Kevin for me.'However, after getting back together - she then found the Facebook messages from her mother.

She said: 'They were all dirty messages from my mum telling Kevin how good he was in bed. I felt sick...I was hysterical.'I went to my mum's and shouted 'You've been f****** my boyfriend! How could you do this to me? 'She denied it and managed to convince my dad that I was wrong.'Such was the trauma of the situation, that it caused her to contemplate suicide and she locked herself in the bathroom with a selection of pills. Thankfully a friend came to her aid.

Despite all the evidence, Kevin managed to persuade Chelsea that he had done nothing wrong and the pair carried on with their relationship.

She said:'I didn't know what to believe, but it seemed easier just to accept Kevin's version of what had gone on.'But it soon became harder to ignore, because I could tell Kevin was cheating on me. Sometimes I would come home and my mum would be there. Dad said she would disappear or he would wake up in the early hours and she wasn't there.' Chelsea now has a new boyfriend but said the devastation that the affair has caused both her and her father is something she cannot forgive.

Her parents are still together but she admitted that she 'begged' her father to end the marriage.

Chelsea said: 'My mum has finally admitted what went on with Kevin. I feel I should be really angry with her, but I just feel numb.'I am upset for me, but I'm more upset for my dad because he's so distraught.'I begged him to leave Mum, but they have been together 27 years. I think he's worried he'd struggle without her.'
Housewife Jacqueline admitted she bedded Kevin, but said: '

There wasn't a relationship - I slept with him three times. It was for a bit of attention, because me and my partner don't have sex.'The first time was when they had split up. Then she went back to him. Then there was another break in the relationship and it happened again.Chelsea thinks I've been with him loads of times, but it was three times.

'It was ten minutes - I don't think we even spoke. I know it was wrong and I regret it. I don't know what made me do it, I really don't.'

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