23 May 2016

Beautiful NIGERIANS Please HELP Olatubosun Kosoko

HELP NOW!!! "I Am writing this on behalf of a close friend. Olatubosun Kosoko, We went to the same University. Bosun is a very active, hard working, intelligent and handsome young man, always full of life.

He got married in Nov 20th 2010 and exactly 10 month into the wedding, 5 months after the birth of his son, he was robbed along ikorodu road (If remember the well publicized robbery that took place all the way from Ikorodu to Jibowu on the 11th Sep 2011 by robbers on motor bikes)

Bosun and many others were victims of this robbery. He was robbed of his wedding band, wrist watch and chain. It would have been better if they had only taken these items and left but they also shot him in his spinal cord and pelvic which resulted to him paralyzed and confided to a spot for the past 5years.

His survival was and still a miracle but ever since then, my dear friend Bosun has not been able to walk, he can't stand and can barely sit even with assistant as his spin and pelvic has been seriously damaged.

He has spent all he had and sold all his properties on medical bills and therapy. He can no longer provide for his family and he has a 5 years son. All his families, relatives and friends have all deserted him and even his wife has tried all she could, she is tired cos she has exhausted all her resources.

This young man needs OUR help to undergo a major surgery that will enable him sit (its bad enough that he can't even sit on a wheelchair). Once he can sit properly, he will be able to move around in a wheel chair and he will be able to use the toilet instead of doing everything at the same spot. For a father, husband and Man, it can be really suicidal.

Please we seek your financial help, nothing is too small, and if you cannot help financially, we beg of you to help spread this broadcast till it gets to the person that can help. PLEASEEEEEEEE!

Here's his account details
Kosoko Olatubosun Babatunde,
2074250356 UBA
Tel: 08033132638" -Funke Adu

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