22 Apr 2016

The AVERAGE Igbo Man is abusive, uncouth and has no respect for women: Victor Ibeh

A Facebook user, Victor Ibeh, has claimed that the average Igbo man is abusive and does not respect the female gender.

In a mind-blowing lengthy article on his Facebook page, Ibeh analysed the bad habits of some Igbo men, using a personal experience.

Read the post below:

”The AVERAGE Igbo Man is abusive, uncouth and has no respect for women. I have watched them display perennial insanity over time. Sometime I wonder if it is the high amount they pay for Bride Price that makes them think, women are inanimate chattels to be owned, seen but not heard.

For the sake of clarity. I am not referring to every Igbo man. Very rude Igbo Men that won’t hesitate to abuse a woman with her sex organs. Last year I was coming back from Joy Bewaji’s #‎Conversation‬ in Ibadan; at Oshodi, I boarded a bus with my Sister Jacqueline Ibeh, to Mile 2. The angry looking Igbo conductor was just throwing tantrum as if, he was doing a forced labour. I paid for our fare and my sister asked him politely after sometime for our balance.

The man flared up and began to abuse her. Just like that. “Ashewo” ‘you are just chasing men upandan’ I possibly can’t type out all the abusive words he used for her, just for asking for balance. My sister responded to him in a commensurate measure. I had to plead with her to ignore his frustrated arse. Wetin dey pepper the man for body?

Can’t he look at people and mind his business. He was just angry that one fine girl was with me. Did my sister prevent him from having a woman in his life?

‘I will beat you up’ ‘ashewo’ ‘see dem’ from one man to another. He was saying all these in Igbo language. Am sure you know how these words sound in Igbo language. Well, we got to our junction and alighted. Good riddance! Yesterday, I was on my way from Illupeju to Ikeja, after attending Neco briefing for Supervisors.

Our vehicle developed a mild fault. Nigerians in their usual manner were shouting at the driver. The man had no choice than to halt and hand them over to another Driver. I was just sitting jejely on one corner, watching the drama. The same set of people that alighted, suddenly changed their minds when another vehicle wasn’t forthcoming. They asked the driver to drive gently to the next stop.

A certain lady climbed back into the vehicle and sat in a particular position, so the young man who sat there prior to that stop sat close to her and was grumbling that she had taken his position. I watched them in silence. By right, since they had all alighted, with the intent of boarding another vehicle, nobody had right to a previous sitting position. The guy told the Lady in a rude and entitled way, to adjust. The lady made it clear that there was no place to adjust to. Truly that was the case. The guy rebuked her and asked her to shut-up. The lady politely asked him why he was rebuking her. The next thing, the guy uttered was: ‘Ozu’ ‘smelling thing’ I was like what the F**K Just like that? It has turned into an issue of smells. Odiegwu!!

The lady responded with equal fury and the guy kept mute after threatening to beat her up. Now, the funny part of this whole drama, is that the conductor was abusive to everybody. That same guy threatening a woman asked for his balance and the conductor responded like this ‘God go punish you,’ ‘idiot’ ‘na who owe you change’ the guy couldn’t respond. He was busy making explanations to the conductor. I just dey look the guy with corner eye. You see, the reason he spoke to the girl in that manner was because she is a woman and he feels that she is inferior to him.

This is the mindset of an average Igbo man. They need a special kind of reorientation before they can start thinking and talking well. Btw this two instances are just isolated. I have seen a lot. Even on social media, you need to see how Igbo Men abuse women for saying their minds on certain life issues. If you are such an Igbo Man, repent! My name is Victor Ibeh and I am Igbo.

Copyright, Victor Ibeh 2016”

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