19 Apr 2016

Seyi Olusore of Shedams Fitness Calls Out Tantalizers for Serving Stale Food

His words:

"I think our fast food restaurants and eateries should understand that health above all matters most! Profit making shouldn't be more important than the lives of customers geez!

Monday 18, April 2016:
At about 10:30am, i walked into Tantalizers located off Admiralty road and ordered for a plate of beans,plantain,fish and stew. To my utter disappointment and dismay the first scoop tasted so sour and disgusting! I rushed to the wash hand basin to throw it all out with so much speed not minding if i created a scene or not. Made my complaint to the lady who served me who in turn relayed this to the supervisor and all they could tell me was nobody had complained about this all morning! I argued and maintained the beans was obviously not freshly made Having realised I wasn't taking this lightly and after tasting the beans herself and confirming the beans was bad,she apologised and offered to serve me another plate of beans(which was almost ready)

The story didn't end there:
I was being served with a freshly cooked beans with the same piece of fish and plantain servings still (which had the old soured beans washed off)and i looked straight into her eyes like really?!?! Now my issues with this kind of service.... What would have happened to a child who couldn't have discerned if the food was good or bad? (let me also add that i had a fair dose of my system reacting to what had already gone into my mouth)

What would it have cost Tantalizers to have my order replaced with everything fresh?! What's more important- Meeting their daily target,making profit or my health?

It's really sad!!"

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