28 Apr 2016

Read what Husband wrote about His Wife, So Sweet!

I think women especially nursing mothers should be given special recognition by their husbands and even a special allowance. Before I got married, I boasted then that there is nothing special in house chores and taking care of children. I promised to assist to the very best of my capacity but when I saw the reality of motherhood, my hands drop (apa mi jabo).

My wifey has become nocturnal, she hardly sleep at night because the baby needs to be fed and she does that more than twice every night while I'm busy snoring my nose out! Chei.

She does the bathing, cooking and other house chores early before going to work so that she can beat the traffic just like every other Lagosian and upon return, she enters the kitchen to prepare what I like even when she doesn't have appetite for the food. If all these and more is what it takes to be a real mother, I refuse to come in the next world(if there is) as a female. If you are an employer of labour and you need someone that can multi-task, please don't look for a male, women multi-task.

So recently, I just looked at all these and numerous things she has been doing and I concluded that God made women with that special capacity to carry a unique burden that men can't carry. Seeing the enormity of her chores sometimes makes me lazy even when I boast that I would help.

What I'm saying is not new to those that experienced this and upon all the stress that women go through, husbands still demand 'bedmington' at night, mogbedi fun awon abiyamo tooto. Woe unto that man that physically abuse his wife, great is his punishment in the future.

Now I see why most entertainers, poets and other theatrical presentations echoes the exploits of mothers and greatness of motherhood. God bless all real mothers, those that didn't abandon their children and husband for the vanity of life. I wish I can pass a bill supporting the provision of special incentives like 1yr maternity leave for all nursing mothers and half day work till their babies clock 3. God bless my wife! God reward my mother through me. Today I recognise true mothers and wives all over the world, I'm not waiting for mothers day. ‪#‎motherhoodiswork

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