2 Apr 2016

Lebanese Boss accused of Rape, Impregnating 17-year-old Nigerian Housemaid

A 17-year-old Nigerian, Rhoda, is now eight months pregnant, after she was allegedly raped by her boss, a Lebanese chef identified as Hassan Ali Husseini, an unmarried man in his 60s.

According to Punch: The teenager, who is now in the custody of NAPTIP, alleged that on that fateful day in August 2015, her elderly boss gagged and forced himself on her. Shortly after, Rhoda said she noticed that she had missed her period. She told NAPTIP officials that he again raped her after he informed him that she might be pregnant.

She alleged that after many attempts by Husseini to force her to have an abortion without success, he kicked her out of his home.

Rhoda only came to Lagos from Plateau State, in June 2015, to make enough money to establish a business or go back to school, her brother, Joseph said.

“My sister told us that after she missed her period and confronted Husseini that she might be pregnant, the man took her to a drug store to get an abortion drug on two occasions. She said both times she used the drug, it did not work,” Rhoda’s brother said.

It was after this that Husseini allegedly chased the girl out of his house. Joseph said his sister was brought to Lagos by another sibling of theirs who later took her to the chef, who was in need of housemaid in his Allen Avenue apartment where he lives alone.

“He initially denied raping and impregnating my sister in January when we first confronted him. But we had no doubt whatsoever that he was responsible.

Husseini finally opened up to officials of NAPTIP that he indeed had sexual intercourse with Rhoda but that it was consensual. The parties are now seeking an amicable settlement of the issue. But the family said admitting responsibility was not enough.

“He has to be responsible for the girl and her child. I want justice for my sister. If a Nigerian had done this in Lebanon for instance, would the government there take it lightly with the culprit? My sister’s case should be able to show the world that we are a country that value our own people.

“They have been talking about getting an apartment for her where she could move into as soon as she delivers. But I will not look for an apartment for my sister who was raped by a foreigner. The rapist has to be the one to do that. He must get an apartment for her and make her comfortable. That child must have a father when it is born.

“My fear is that if he gets the apartment, without the commitment of NAPTIP, he would simply run away. It will be the fault of NAPTIP if that man escapes justice. If he was willing to rape her, then he should be willing to stand by her and be the father of her child.”

Rhoda’s mother is late while her father is in a remote community in Plateau State.

Joseph said the expectant girl has been extremely sad about her condition.

“My sister is a very hardworking girl, who just wanted a better life for herself. She is not afraid to work at all. After the man kicked her out of his house, she was afraid of telling us about what he did. We had to look for another job for her as a housemaid somewhere else. It was there that it was discovered that she was pregnant when her tummy had started growing,” Joseph said.

Husseini had agreed that when Rhoda is delivered of her baby, if the child  bears his foreign physical features, he would readily accept the baby. But if not, he would opt for a DNA test.

And again Rhoda has been registered for ante-natal with the assistance of Husseini.

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