15 Apr 2016

I am not Stella’s friend: Doris Simeon

In a recent interview with New Telegraph, Nollywood actress, Doris Simeon said, “I don’t have any form of relationship with Stella, she is not my rival.

“I am not Stella’s friend, she and I don’t talk. We’ve never worked together before, so we are not friends, I don’t have any business with her.”

Speaking on the wildest thing she had ever heard about herself, Doris said, “That was when they were rumouring that my husband left me because I was cheating on him and all that, it’s not really new to me. I just felt it’s one of those things they say, sometimes some will even say it as if they were there, but I’m not moved like I said earlier.”

On if she had given up on love and marriage, despite her husband abandoning her for the sultry actress, Doris said, “No, not at all, I believe that when God says its time, its time.

“I will never ever give up on love, marriage or trying again, I still believe in love,” she added, stating that she would not accept her ex-husband if he comes begging.

She said, “All I want is my son.”

When asked what she feels about regular marriage breakups in the entertainment industry, Doris said.

“I really don’t think it’s only in the industry. I think people hear about us more often maybe because we are in the spotlight; it’s everywhere.

“Even pastors also suffer the same thing, so it’s not just the entertainers alone. There was a day in my church when we were about having our anniversary.

“We were talking to the pastor and his wife came and was saying we should leave her husband alone to rest that he was just coming in from travel. So you can imagine whatever it is they must have been going through at home. It’s because we are in the spotlight that is why people hear of ours.

“Because of this my marriage issue, I go to court all the time. I see and hear cases; it is everywhere. But as entertainers, we hear things a lot and we have developed thick skin, because there are some words you will hear and you will almost commit suicide.”

The Actress laid bare the claims that only light skinned actresses get roles in the industry.

She said, “It is not true that only light skinned actresses get movie roles. Whoever said that is lying.

“We have many dark skinned actresses in the industry that are doing great. Funke Akindele isn’t light skinned; Liz Da Silver and many more. We have some topnotch dark skinned actresses that have done so well. It’s a thing of choice; it’s even funny when somebody just comes up and says, ‘oh I don’t like the way God created me’ and decides to change it, so it’s a thing of choice,” Doris quipped.

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