8 Apr 2016

18-Inch Long Cassava Stuck Inside Man Using it as Anal S*x Toy (PHOTOS)

55-year-old Costa Rican man had carved the cassava root, which was approximately 18 inches long with a width of more than 3 inches, into a phallic shape, wrapped it in two condoms and used it as a s*x toy, until one of the condoms burst and the tuber, which generally has a rough exterior, became stuck in his anal cavity.

As the condom had ripped, this put the man at risk of perforating his intestines and infection, and emergency surgery was performed. The emergency surgery to remove the yuca took more than an hour and involved at least 7 surgeons, doctors and medical specialists. The incident occurred on March 24th, during the Easter holiday.

The surgery took place at San Juan de Dios Hospital in San Jose and it was filmed and later posted online. Doctors had to perform some reconstructive procedures on his anus and intestines. He is expected to make a full recovery as his rectum was not perforated. He is currently in stable condition.

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