15 Mar 2016

The STORY of the Rich Man and the Mechanic - By Lara Wise

I heard the story of a very wealthy man who set out for an important meeting in his porsche automobile. His driver ofcourse, was behind the wheels. Oga millionaire was in the owner's corner puffing his cigar and reading the papers.

Okay.... Everything is cool.. Until the car jerked. Jerked. Jerked and stopped. And this was in the middle of a very busy road in a very busy neighbourhood. Oga was angry. Embarrassed. Pissed off the way only millionaires are.

He was forced to step out and join his driver at the hood (bonnet) as the poor guy fondled and rummaged through wires and metals and all. The car must have made up its mind to reach us all a lesson. It refused to budge. Oga millionaire was already late for hus business meeting. He was irritable. Angry. Minutes rolled into hours and a dirty-looking guy passed by.

He was initially mistaken for a mad man but hus blue work suit covered in black grease gave him away. He saw the angry boss and his driver in distress but he also saw the car. He walked up to them and enquired what was amiss. They initially told him off because of his appearance, and, hey, this was not a motor. It was an automobile with a capital 'A'.

A machine with an attitude!!!! The driver prevailed on his boss to allow this 'good-for - nothing - looking-pack of dirt' try see if he can fix the car.

Reluctantly, the boss agreed, cursing under his breath, ofcourse.

The Mechanic didn't stand by the hood (bonet), he went down, laid on the floor, dragged himself under the car and in a few minutes he came out and asked if they had a hammer. The driver got him one from the trunk (boot) and the mechanic disappeared again under the car. He re-emerged and asked the driver to start the engine it came on: the car was working again.

Now this is the part I love the most.

An overly excited boss thanked the mechanic, refused to accept a handshake though, and asked how much he should pay for "your little service".

Running his greasy palms on his greasy work overall, the mechanic demanded for N50,000, (that's, fifty thousand Naira, only) and the boss began to reign curses and attempted to give the mechanic a lecture on honesty and transparency. "What exactly did you do sef? Ehn? The whole thing didn't even take five minutes and you are asking for that much. The hammer you even used belongs to me. I won't pay you that much. You are a thief. Dishonest Nigerian... Bla Bla Bla".

The mechanic kept his cool all the while, picking dirts from his black fingernail. "oga", the mechanic vegan in a very controlled tone and pitch "I am in a hurry. I won't drop my charges by one kobo.

Yes, you had the hammer and the car but I had the knowledge of how to use the hammer on your dead car. Of what use was the hammer in your trunk before I came? You are not paying for fuve minutes sir, you are paying for my knowledge, my wisdom, which at this moment places me above you as your boss! "

And with that, he made an attempt to return to the bottom of the car to undo what he had done. The boss shouted fur him to stop. Reached into his car, counted the money, gave the mechanic and made to leave.

The mechanic respectfully asked him to hold on. "I want to count the money to be sure it is complete"....
By the time he was done, the boss was already back at owner's seat, cursing, ranting and raving.. .
The mechanic thanked the boss, waved him a goodbye, ofcourse, he wasn't expecting a response.....

Even the biggest boss has a boss!!!

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