18 Mar 2016

SEE How Lagos Teacher Battered a 14-Year-Old Student (PHOTO)

Read according to a Facebook post by DeRonke Nas Mimah:
My people make unna cun see wahala o a teacher in Gracefort private school oko oba Agege named Joshua did this to a 14 years old student today his reason " this boy's friend was caught outside instead of been inside the class reading for his exams and he Mr joshua punished him this boy on seeing his friend laughed and called him a fun name pampers, Mr joshua whom this boy had reported to his parents b4 about how he maltreats students nd had injured him b4 heard what he said called him to his office first poured water on him and yes with 2 cane (stick and whip) did this to the boy including punches,I mean how can one calling d other pampers result to this?mayb he thought they were making fun of him but even at that shld it be up to this? did I include few teachers where there?

Yes but they couldn't stop him becos Mr joshua is the son of the owner of the school and with what I heard i doubt if he is even qualified to be a cleaner in that school not to say teacher, my people in this generation which parent not to say teacher has the right to do this to a child? This isn't the 1st time but please lets make this the last, yes only you and I can stop this we don't know whose child would be next tomorrow if this beast is not dealt with,this guy must not go on punish ooo u need to see this boys face I don't want to post for some reason, I beg you my people please who knows where we need take this Joshua to?

If we report to station he will be bailed in no time and to me He needs be sacked or naked on the street and beaten blue black like this , honestly he shld thank his star this isn't my son by now Lasuth for don get visitor I swear. With the news I heard he was still bragging sef and the students testify this isn't his 1st. If this were your son / child what would you do? Did I mention this boys dad is bed ridden??? He has just sisters and mum whom are helpless, honestly your suggestions / help would be appreciated. For more details inbox me.thanks

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