14 Mar 2016

Man Shares thought on Betting for Children

Below is what he wrote:
For awhile now, I have been concerned and agonized about the growing trend of teens and adolescents patronizing the various betting outlets. While I am not against the business idea; in my opinion I refute betting for children for what it's worth or whatever extant laws (I not a lawyer) if there be that guides on this for children and consequently, I think we need to react for the sake of our children.

It's not only appalling and perilous but unhealthy for our children as it where to start tolling this path at this early stage of their lives. I have a wireless broadcast in my neighbourhood and the manner with which these children flock around the signal point like bees on honey is disheartening especially when most of them can't even make a complete sentence. It's yet worse given that the proceeds or "wins" are used for beer drinking, indiscriminate dressing and all manner; at point I asked myself: are my the one "old school" or not contemporary?

Penultimate weekend, a neighbour's son in JSS1 won N25,000 and last week another N15000 it was all for beer drinking/pepper souping around the corner and I wept.

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