30 Mar 2016

Man on the ill treatment he received from some FRSC Officials

Man writes about the ill treatment he received today from some FRSC officials: "I was on my way to work today, the 30th of March 2016, when I was pulled over by some FRSC officials just under the bridge on Ozumba rd close to Law school turning at about 10:30am. I asked what the issue was, they said I should pull over first. At first, I thought to ignore them and keep going straight but since I had nothing to hide, I decided to pull over. They were 4 in number, one of them tried to enter my vehicle thinking I would run away (this is totally against the law) but I was fast enough to wind up my windows and lock my doors. After parking, I came out of the vehicle and asked what the issue was, they asked me for my license. Which I showed them, they insisted on having it saying they need to run some checks, I gave them willingly.

To my surprise, they brought out a ticket and started writing my vehicle details and then handed the ticket over to me saying I was booked for not using seat belt. Which I was using at the time they stopped me. I was so shocked and angry that they did this. I expressed my disappointment and requested for my licence back but they said it has been confiscated. I was so mad and at the same time, I was rushing to attend to something that was waiting for my attention at my office. So I took the "ticket" that was given to me, quickly dashed to my office which was nearby.

After I did that, I decided to go back to the scene where they were. I reached there and requested for my driver's licence, they asked for the ticket they gave me, I gave them and they said that I had not paid any money. I said I didn't do anything to warrant me paying money. All I wanted was my driver's licence. They refused to give it to me but insisted I pay the fine. So I made up my mind to take their pictures and tell the whole world my story, that also caused another issue as they did not want their photos taken and even threatened to destroy my phone. As I speak, my driver's license and the ticket is still with them. Is this right?"

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