22 Mar 2016

Lagos Beautician, Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju Helped a Lady and Gets Insulted!

Popular cutie Lagos-based beautician, Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju is depressed after receiving a vile message from a girl he helped. Read below.

Story never finish oh. A particular lady with the username @o.m.o.mummy was called out for being the one behind the account. She came all out to insult Idris and he so gave it back to her. @bobrisky222 is Idris' Instagram username.

"Am too big for dis shit but I really have to do did now, guys I meet @omo mummy last 4years ago by a friend named Jumoke, i and Jumoke are cool friends also from d same department accounting. Dis idiot disturb me a lot to hook her up with rich men which honestly I won't lie I did but majority of dem complain to me she is so ugly dat I should look for a better girl. It got to a point I open up to her dat dis men said fat don't like you but I can always assist you whenever needed as friend. Last two month my uncle from Abuja ask me to send my account dat he needed to pay some cash into my account but then i haven't done my bvn in bank. So I asked for tommy alias omo mummy account no d man paid in d 170k and later promise to send me more money. I called Tommy to know if she has seen d alert and she said yes dat but her cut is 20k out of the money den I said Tommy I can only give u 10k out of dis money not 20k, she later said I should come owner to her dead hostel to pick her friend up dat was going to fuck one other man and dat d man is with her already. Okay I den drive down to pick her friend not knowing she has told her friend to give me 150k. I was so angry dat wat game are both playing so I told her friend I was going to arrest both of dem if my money is not complete den I friend now later withdraw d my balance for me. Dat same night she insulted me called me gay and all but am use to dat name so I wasn't bother.d following dis idiot called me and was begging dat she was sorry dat d man she went to fuck left her stranded in d hotel room I felt for and I said I will send 10k to her.knowing d same man dat send me 170k has paid 1m into her account which dis bitch has seen it already but pretending not to have seen it. Until I called her to ask if she hasn't seen d money dat was send to her acct. dis bitch said unless we share d money equal. I was so angry and later drove to d police station to lay a report. Before dis bastard later now send d money back to d sender. Fool u want me to expose u now which have done bye for now."

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