11 Feb 2016

Africa's Top Filmmaker, Tope Oshin Ogun Speaks On Disposable and Timeless Nollywood Movies

Nollywood award winning filmmaker, Tope Oshin Ogun, who produced the much talked about film "Fifty," was recently a guest at Pulse Nigeria.

Tope who has worked in reputable TV and  Film as a Director, Producer, Actor, Dialogue Coach and Casting Director, spoke on disposable and timeless movies.

Read excerpt;

"As regards the film culture in Nigeria, it's at the moment evolving, and it's evolving fast. There was a point in Nigeria when we shot proper celluloid films, going back to the days of Eddy Ugboma and Ogundes. That was an era that came and went.

Then came what we now refer to as Nollywood, which basically started from commercializing video tapes, and then looking for how to make them look marketable, and then deciding to shoot drama and put them on the tapes.

What we call Nollywood' has now evolved from where it was - from just selling tapes into getting into a cinema culture, producing films and arts that can be screened at film festivals locally and internationally.

So, for me, if I were to describe the film industry in one word, I would say "evolving." Because it's changing fast, it's growing fast, it's becoming bigger and better by the second. You cannot talk about the film industry in Nigeria without talking about the origin.

The whole thing of shooting stories and putting them on video tapes, kick started what is essentially part of our culture in Africa as Nigerians, which is telling stories."

In a recent interview with Pulse Nigeria, Oshin Ogun spoke on why TV series are no longer as popular as they used to be.

Watch full interview HERE.

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