13 Jan 2016

W*man Caught On CCTV Strangling Her M*ther-In-Law & Lots More

An Indian woman has been arrested for attempted murder after being caught on a hidden camera brutally assaulting her 70-year-old mother in law.

Sangeeta Jain is seen strangling her mother-in-law Rajrani, before dragging her by her hair and using a stone to beat her.

Mrs Jain was filmed abusing the elderly woman after her husband Sandeep installed a secret CCTV camera in their home in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh.

Mrs Jain is in the process of divorcing her husband-of-seven-years, who stands accused of marital rape and dowry harassment, but reports are not clear whether he has been charged

Uttar Pradesh police arrested Mrs Jain on Tuesday morning after the video, filmed on January 5, was posted on social media and went viral in India.

Mrs Jain claims the video is a fake, set up by her husband and mother-in-law, adding that: 'they beat me so many times... there is no video of that,' NDTV reports.

It sees Mrs Jain entering the room and attacking the OAP who appears to have been sleeping in the family's kitchen, by trying to strangle her from behind using a towel.

She is then seen slapping the 70-year-old multiple times before moving on to punching her with both fists.

She continues to try to strangle her, wrapping a scarf or cloth tighter around the woman's neck, almost dragging her mother-in-law off the bed in the process.

Mrs Jain then leaves the kitchen and returns with a brick, and using it as a weapon, to hit the woman on the back and over the head.

'She came out of the kitchen and started slapping me. She also started to beat me with bricks... I do not know why she does it,' said Rajrani Jain sad after the attacks.

'She was always like this. She used to attack us all - my parents, me...' Sandeep Jain told NDTV.

Despite his claims of repeated assaults, Mr Jain but has not offered any explanation as to why he waited seven years to report his soon-to-be ex-wife.

'I waited for a year and then thought of installing a CCTV camera to expose her,' he said.

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