9 Jan 2016

90% Of Nollywood Actresses Sleep with Producers & Marketers: Actress Alaba Olatunde Drops Another Bombshell

After her ordeal at the hands of a colleague Bisi Ibidapo-Obe, beautiful UK-based fast rising Nollywood actress and film producer, Alaba Olatunde has dropped another bombshell.

On why she relocate abroad: When I was in Nigeria, things were not so easy. I was just struggling. It was not easy coping with the challenges in the industry. I mean it was not easy getting roles. I was an up and coming actress, and producers and some of our seniors were not doing enough to encourage us at all. They didn’t like to see our faces at locations at all. We faced a lot of harassment before getting even minor roles. At some point, I got tired of everything. So, when I had the opportunity to travel abroad, I grabbed it.

Do you mean s*xual harassment? Yes, I was s*xually harassed several times; I was abused many times so much so that I even thought I was in the wrong profession. But I was determined not to quit.

Oh! I don’t want to talk about this anymore. Even those I considered my mentors or guardians in the industry even harassed me. I remember a particular actor cum producer who invited me to a location in Osogbo, Osun State. I took him like a brother. I got a script for a supporting lead. But unfortunately, a night to the shoot, he invited me to his hotel room where he told me point blank that he would sleep with me before the shoot. I was so shocked and I couldn’t believe my ears. I realized later that he gave the same role to about three other girls whom he wanted to sleep with. Because I refused to sleep with him, I ended up not playing that role. Apart from that, he warned me against coming to any of his locations, except I agreed to sleep with him.

On if at any time succumbed to s*xual harassment: No, I never did. Maybe that was why I didn’t make it then. Honestly, this is why I got tired of the job and left for England. Anyway, maybe if I didn’t travel, I would have yielded. But I always ignored any actor or producer that asked me out. I would rather leave your location, if you asked me to go to bed with you.

You know, if I had done that, I would have become a star back home. But then, that would have been after sleeping with almost all the actors, producers and movie marketers. Can you imagine that? What do you think would have remained of me for my husband to enjoy after marriage?

So, you mean all the so-called star actresses sleep their ways to the top? I didn’t say that o! Some of them are just lucky. Not all of them were sexually abused before they became stars. But frankly, more than 90 per cent of them would have slept with producers or marketers before getting to where they are today. Sexual harassment is very common in the industry and it takes only the grace of God for you to survive without it. For those of us who are too na├»ve or stubborn not to do this, we sacrificed our rise to stardom.

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